The Government of Canada has announced a new incentive program to encourage home retrofits that increase energy efficiency.  The program includes grants for photovoltaic (solar energy) systems:

    • $1000 per kW up to a maximum of $5000 for solar on single-family homes
    • a flat $1000 for solar on MURBs (multi-unit residential buildings of three or fewer storeys in height, having a building area not exceeding 600 m2, and not retirement homes)
    • a flat $1000 for batteries connected to PV systems to provide standby power for home
The program requires per-retrofit evaluation by a certified energy advisor.  There is a grant of $600 for this service which should cover most of the cost.  VREC has worked with City Green Solutions which provides this service.  You can book an appointment on their website ( or by calling 1.866.381.9995.

To learn more about the program visit:

To get a free estimate for your solar energy system call us at 778-869-8333 or fill out our online form.

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