Rent a power system that uses clean, quiet solar power.

How does the system work?

A solar photovoltaic panel charges batteries in a battery pack with an inverter. Electrical devices can be simply plugged in and powered from the battery pack.

What size electrical devices can I power with these systems?

First, you should check how many watts your devices will use. Second, determine how long you will need to run your devices. Next, contact us to help you determine if your system will meet your needs. Below are examples of how long you can operate devices using our portable power pack.  The portable power pack accepts devices up to 300 W and the battery pack stores 200 Wh of energy.
AC Powered Products Watts Operating time
Radio 8 W 25 hr
Portable Stereo 20 W 10 hr
13 in TV/VCR 100 W 2 hr
Computer w 15 in Monitor 200 W 1 hr
Laptop Computer 60 W 3 hr
Mic and Speaker 300 W 0.5 hr

Note: If the system can be exposed to full sunlight you can double these times.

Can I use these systems indoors, on cloudy days or at night?

Yes, we supply the battery pack fully charged by solar power. Depending upon the size of the electrical load you may be able to power the device(s) for several hours without any sunlight.  We can also supply high efficiency lighting for night events.

What voltages can be used?

The battery pack supplies connections for both 12V (DC), 115V (standard household outlet) and 5V USB.

Is it pure sine wave?

Yes our new system uses a pure sine wave inverter.

 What does the rental cost?

Cost to rent the solar powerpack is: $40 per day Discounts available for rentals longer than two days. Contact Us  if you have any questions or want further information. For larger systems we recommend contacting Portable Electric