Why Now Is The Time To Buy a Solar Energy System

Posted by in Front, News, on May 14, 2010

With the looming HST now is time to look at buying a solar energy system.  Currently both solar photovoltaic (electric) and solar hot water systems are exempt from provincial sales tax.  But that will change July 1st with the introduction of the HST.  So that means an effective 7% increase in the price of these systems for consumers.

In addition to the tax exemption, prices on photovoltaic panels have fallen dramatically over the last couple of years and are at their lowest ever.  The high Canadian dollar has also meant that we are paying less for panels here in Canada.

There are also some good reasons to purchase Solar Hot Water systems.  There are currently over $2,000 in incentives available.

Contact us to learn more about how to take advantage of these savings.

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