PV Solar In Tsawwassen & Delta has Added Benefits

Posted by in News, Our News, on March 1, 2017

Installing PV is different in every jurisdiction.  Any number of factors can affect the price, productivity, and profitability of a solar array.  Some of the more common factors across the globe are things like shading, weather patterns, and feed-in rates (what the utility pays you for your surplus electricity).

8.1 kW

8.1 kW installation in Tsawwassen

VREC has installed both PV and solar pool heating systems in Delta/Tsawwassen/Ladner.  We have found two significant benefits to installing solar here.

First, Tsawwassen/Ladner is known for having more sunlight than anywhere in the lower mainland — 6.5% more than Vancouver to be exact.  This not only makes our installation team happy on the job, but the boost it gives to the overall output is the equivalent of adding a free panel for every 15 you install.  Solar panels don’t need direct sun to produce energy, so even a cloudy day like the one pictured is contributing to the overall productivity of the array.  No different from us people, these panels are just happy it’s not raining!

Second, and just as helpful, is the fact that the Corporation of Delta (which includes Tsawwassen and Ladner), has a simplified permit process for standard solar modules.  This allows for a smoother, less expensive install, and translates to $1-2000 in savings compared to cities like Vancouver or Surrey.

We aren’t in the business of changing the weather — in fact we’re working to keep our climate the same as it always has been.  But we are hoping to see more municipalities move toward sensible policies that encourage people to move toward renewable energy options.  In the meantime, the days are getting longer and the solar panels are loving it.  Twenty days until Spring!

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