Youth leading the way on sustainable solutions

Posted by in News, Our News, on April 29, 2014

A big thank you to Argyle Secondary School’s Environmental Club for inviting VREC to participate in their first Sustainability Fair, which brought in businesses and organizations from all over the lower mainland that are working toward goals of reducing our environmental footprint and sharing the tools to do so.
While our mini solar hot water collector turned the most heads, students stuck around to ask all kinds of questions about innovative photovoltaic applications, net metering, off-grid possibilities, and more. In a province with relatively low conventional energy rates, the decision to go solar or renewable is rarely only a financial one (although most systems will save $$ over their waranteed lifetime). But with practices such as gas fracking, river-valley flooding, and off-grid gasoline generators still acting as the status quo remedies for many of our power needs, there are certainly many additional reasons to take a new path. Young people often gravitate toward this type of thinking, as they’re less likely to view the world in dollars and cents. It is so encouraging to see secondary school students stepping up to share their enthusiasm for sustainable change with their classmates.
The Argyle Environmental Club has shown great initiative and we are grateful that they included us in this event. Thanks!

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