Photovoltaic Net Metering with BC Hydro

Photovoltaics and Net Metering with BC HydroBC Hydro’s net metering program allows homes and businesses to connect a renewable electricity generating unit to the BC Hydro grid.  As part of this program, when you generate more electricity than you consume, you receive credit on your account.  This credit is then applied against your future consumption.

BC Hydro’s net metering program accepts photovoltaic systems less than 50kW in nominal size.  This benefits owners of photovoltaic (PV) systems in many ways.  The ability to connect the PV system to the grid avoids the need for costly storage batteries.  The PV system can continually collect available energy (i.e., the system will not stop collecting energy because batteries are full) — excess energy which you can then sell to the grid.  If a net metering customer generates more power than they consume in a year, BC Hydro may make an annual payout at the published rate, which is currently 9.99 cents per kWh for excess generation credit.

Photovoltaic systems really benefit from effectively using BC Hydro as a clean storage medium, since these systems generate more power in the summer than the winter.  PV systems can build up credit in the summer months if more electricity is produced than consumed, and then the credit can be used in the winter months.

All in all, photovoltaics and net metering with BC Hydro is a powerful combination.

As part of installing a grid-tied photovoltaic system, Vancouver Renewable Energy will complete the application process for the BC Hydro net metering program.  The process is usually completely transparent to you, the customer. We have a 100% success rate for applying to the net metering program.