PV panels for sale

Solar Photovoltaic Panels for Sale

Vancouver Renewable Energy offers low retail prices on solar photovoltaic panels.  We offer products from a variety of high quality manufacturers, such as Conergy and Canadian Solar.  Some of our lower-priced models include:

  • Conergy 250 W Polycrystalline, CSA : $253 or $1.01/W (FOB Alberta or Ontario)
  • Canadian Solar 230 W Polycrystalline, CSA : $238 or $1.03/W (Vancouver pick-up price)

These prices exclude GST.  The benefits of purchasing solar panels or parts through us are: no customs brokerage fees, and minimal shipping and handling charges.

Over the last few years, photovoltaic panels have been constantly decreasing in price so please contact us to ask about updated pricing or for more detailed information.

And, as always, we offer our experienced installation crew to help you put these panels to use!  Please see our page describing our installation and design services for photovoltaics.

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