Restore the PST Renewable Energy Exemption

Posted by in News, on February 15, 2013

Update:  The exemption has been restored.  See:

The BC government is re-introducing the PST this spring.  Under the prior PST program renewable energy systems (for example solar and wind) purchased in BC  had a permanent exemption from the PST.  Although the the government has promised to include all previous permanent exemptions in the new tax, renewable energy is not mentioned in the draft legislation (see: ).  It has also not been included in the proposed amendments (see

Please contact that following people and ask them to make sure that the renewable energy exemption is restored:

Michael de Jong, Minister of Finance:
Christy Clark,Premier:
Adrian Dix, Leader of the Opposition:
Your MLA: (you can look them up at: )

Follow the progress of the bill here:


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