Solar Pool Heating

Installing a solar pool heating system is a very effective way to save money and reduce your environmental impact. VREC offers sales, design, installation, and repair services for solar pool heating systems.  We have installed or serviced systems throughout Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, including Vancouver, Burnaby, Port Coquitlam, and South Surrey (Whiterock).  Our service area is throughout the Lower Mainland, including the nearby islands.

Please contact us, or call 778.869.8333, if you would like a free quote, have any questions, or would like further information.  To evaluate a potential project in terms of energy production and financial paybacks, please consider booking an assessment.

Sample VREC solar pool heating installation

Solar pool heating installation by VREC at a home in south Surrey.

How It Works

A valve is installed on the swimming pool lines to divert the pool water through solar pool panels, absorbing the heat from the sun and then re-entering the swimming pool.  A controller uses sensors to determine whether there is heat to be gained in the solar panels, and if not, it will bypass the solar loop.  It’s that simple and it works great.  Chances are, your neighbourhood has many solar swimming pool heaters already installed.

In Metro Vancouver, the total area of the collectors is usually sized to represent 75-100% of your swimming pool area, depending on the site’s environmental conditions (if a pool cover used, how much wind exposure, etc.).  VREC determines the ideal location of the panels to maximize the system’s energy production.  The panels used are unglazed (pictured below) and are ideal for summer systems.  If you use your pool year round, we will tailor the system for your use.

We have access to panel manufactures but our preferred solar pool panel technology is the HotSun Powerstrip.  The Powerstrip system is very robust, reliable, and maximizes the installation area and design flexibility.  The panels have one of the longest warranties in the business and are easily repairable in the highly unlikely event that they should be damaged (unlike polypropylene solar panels).  They are manufactured in BC’s Lower Mainland.

Powerstrip solar pool installation by VREC.

Powerstrip solar pool installation by VREC.

Detail of Powerstrip

Powerstrip panels are made of Geon, a flexible vinyl formulation.  The header tubes are made of Luran,  a styrene acrylonitrile copolymer.  This combination of materials offer more flexibility than rigid polypropylene panel and won’t degrade in pool chemicals like EPDM.

Saving Money and the Environment

The simple and basic design is why solar heated pool systems are so affordable.  They’ll also have a very large impact on your heating bill.  As any pool owner knows, heating a pool requires a lot of energy, so it makes sense to capture some of the sun’s abundant and free energy.  In addition to reducing your heating bill, there will be a significant reduction in your greenhouse gas emissions.  If you choose to get an assessment instead of just a quote, we provide you with a performance, financial, and environmental analysis of a proposed design.

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